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Minerva TPV+

Do you need to quickly respond to the needs of your customers in a competitive quality and price of the products?

Would you welcome expanded TPV functionality directly in QAD.NET?

A new TPV(Technical data preparation) module developed by Minerva CR will facilitate the work of your design and technology personnel. The expanding functionality for generating the product structures and technological procedures is processed using modern .NET technology, which is fully integrated into the QAD Enterprise Applications environment and significantly enhances the user convenience in the area of technical preparation of data. The module utilizes a standard QAD data structure, so it can be used wherever the standard QAD functionality is employed in the TPV area.

Generating the product structure

The structures of products are generated using the "Drag & Drop" functionality; by means of a simple selection of components you can create a bill of materials (BoM) for the product. This function features the versioning of the product structures. Every change in a structure that has expired requires the creation of a new version. All changes in the bill of materials are recorded; therefore the entire history of product structures is easily traceable. A version is unlocked for editing only if not declared as valid. The generation of structures is fully integrated with the Minerva DMS module (document management) and Minerva Task Management.

THB TPV_01Integration with CAD systems

The Minerva TPV+ module allows you to load the design BoMs from the CAD system, while retaining the logic of versioning and change tracking. Similarly, the feature of valid versions of product structures is retained.

Request for creation of a purchased item

The process engineer may create the product structures of a non-existing item in QAD, create an ID number for it and register the item as well. The temporarily numbered item may be inserted into any number of product structures and QAD will generate a request to the purchasing agent for the creation of a standard item. To create the final number for the item, the temporary number is simply replaced by the final number in all the BoMs. By a simple use of QAD browsing, information is transferred between the Purchasing Department and TPV.

Generating the workflows

Workflows are generated using the "Drag & Drop” functionality, same as with the product structures. The TPV staff is able to create process operations by a simple selection from the list of existing procedures or from standard operations. The individual operations may be assigned special additional data, such as technological regulations, specific regulations and jigs. This function enables simple work during creation of operation comments. The system allows the procedure versioning and the tracking of changes, similar to the versions of the committed procedures. The creation of procedures is integrated with the DMS module and Minerva Task Management.

THB TPV_02Integration with programs for the calculation of labour consumption - normative

The system allows for integration with programs which enable the TPV staff to calculate labour consumption. An external program for the calculation of the technological times may be launched directly from the program. These times are subsequently assigned to the relevant operations.