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System integration

A high-performance information system with long-term stability can no longer be built on a single product from a single company. Our aim is to offer clients a system built from the very best components, which, naturally, must work together flawlessly.
As is the case in a symphony orchestra when one substandard musician or a single poorly-tuned instrument diminishes the overall effect, poorly-chosen information system components or their poor “tuning” with the rest of the system significantly reduce the performance of the company system.
Minerva offers clients a fully functional information system that can be configured (choice of components) according to the needs of the customer and integrated with the customer’s existing equipment. Minerva achieves all of this by making use of the great experience of their specialists (over fifteen years).

Where we don’t recommend experimentation

The core of the entire system is the company information system (ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning). This system includes areas for sales, warehousing, planning, and the management of production, purchasing, and accounting. These areas are so tightly interconnected that we do not recommend that they be assembled from multiple types of software. We offer a solution that is integrated in QAD Applications and verified through numerous installations.

1. SW components with the possibility of choice

Human resources management and assets

Using the same technology, Minerva has created modules for QAD for solving human resources, wages, assets, electronic attendance records, and employee meals. Minerva ensures the compatibility of these modules with the ever-changing legislative environment in our region. The modules use the same code lists in QAD and transactions end in the QAD general ledger.

Route optimization and planning (Plantour)

Certain companies need to plan and manage the transportation and distribution of goods to customers. Minerva has integrated the Plantour module into QAD , enabling the company's information system to use shipping and digital maps to plan transportation routes using specific lorries.

APS Preactor

Based on the company plan and reports of the actual status from QAD Applications, Preactor produces detailed planning down to the hour and minute for specific resources (machines, tools, labour).

Support of sales representatives in the field (SFA Hamilton)

Information about prices, customers, inventory levels, open orders, accounts available, and other assignments is available to sales representatives directly on handheld PDA computers. Sales reps also use these devices to enter information and new sales orders, and this data is almost immediately transferred to QAD, where processing continues.

2. HW and technology

Minerva offers a company information system that is not dependent on technologies. Nevertheless, Minerva works with partners to continually tune its components with technologies that could prove to be useful. This enables Minerva to offer clients a great number of recommendations and alternatives. The result is the possibility to choose the configuration that provides the best price/performance ratio. Progress and Oracle are among the most frequently chosen database systems. The most frequently chosen operating system is Linux, followed by Unix and Windows. We recommend selecting a server from name-brand devices from HP, IBM, DELL and Sun Microsystems.

3. Services

We rarely build an information system for a customer completely from scratch. A network, HW, and specialized software generally already exist. In addition to solutions from Minerva, customers frequently prefer some solutions from their own suppliers.
Minerva is able to integrate its own solution into the existing infrastructure directly at the customer's premises. Minerva also offers consulting and a help desk that cover not only delivered components, but the information system as a whole. This eliminates the risk of suppliers arguing over the cause of a problem.
Minerva also provides the possibility of partial or complete outsourcing. The result is the delivery of all services related to both the implementation and operation of the information system.