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Route optimization and planning

Complete solution for logistics. Optimization of distribution routes and times, reduction of transport expenses.  

Today’s dynamic and interconnected markets demand the optimization and management of transport and logistics. It is necessary for the management of logistics operations, the optimal planning of routes and time in distribution processes, efficient and resourceful management of employees, the vehicle fleet, and other resources to be flexible and comprehensible.

Nowadays, we probably cannot imagine a successful company without a software tool for managing business, production, distribution and warehouse management.

In managing shipping, distribution companies often rely exclusively on the knowledge of their own dispatchers. i.e. on a traditional shipping system. We encounter situations where dozens or even hundreds of orders and other restrictions make it impossible for even the most experienced dispatcher to design an optimal plan of distribution routes for heavily loaded vehicles. This situation results in lower transport efficiency and, consequentially, in financial loss.

The difficulty of the process, pressure to eliminate reserves and compliance with the transport objectives in logistics all lead to the point where the identified constraints result in a situation that cannot be solved. Changes in human resources often lead to a loss of personal know-how, and the company becomes dependent on information shared only by word of mouth.  

We are pleased to introduce an effective yet affordable solution which can be used in an exact way for considerable reductions in distribution expenses.  

PLANTOUR is a support tool for planning the distribution process designed by the German company PASS Logistic Solutions AG, which guarantees the optimization of transport expenses. The system uses a direct connection to the business information system and accepts the required background data via a data link.

The solution is a sophisticated software tool which significantly reduces transport expenses by the effective planning of routes using optimization algorithms. The optimization used for planning refers to an exact method which, on the basis of the spatial distribution of the customers (purchasers) within the specified area, requested orders for the transport of a particular quantity of goods, defined transport requirements - time, or requirements for the kind and type of the vehicle used, creates an optimal distribution plan which ensures fulfilment of customers’ requirements while minimizing transport expenses for haulage and the time for producing a distribution route plan. 

Benefits of introducing the system  

  • Cost savings in the range of 15-30% verified by dozens of implementations in Slovakia and abroad
  • Return on investment in a significantly short time
  • Improving the management of decision-making and logistic processes
  • Compliance with haulage due dates as early as during the process of designing the routes with an option of planning deliveries during customers’ specified business hours
  • Optimal design of routes and vehicle load, taking into account the pre-defined requirements for distribution
  • Simulation of the impact of strategic changes in the distribution as a basis for subsequent management decisions
  • Increasing the efficiency and facilitating the work of planning dispatchers
  • Transparency of transport expenses for vehicles, sorted by customers, etc. 
  • Optimization and efficiency of the fleet utilization 

Main functionality of PLANTOUR   

  • Optimal allocation of orders to the active fleet vehicles
  • Reflection of the restrictions depending on the company's distribution strategy (respecting the haulage time; quantity, weight and volume capacity utilization) for orders, customers, vehicles, distribution centres, service
  • Record keeping, administration and reverse analysis of the requirements for product transport in a defined period (day, week, month, etc.), taking into account the priorities of the optimization parameters (achieving minimum expenses, minimum number of routes, vehicles, route duration, preferential use of the company’s own fleet)
  • Optimal capacity utilization of vehicles and route plan reflecting the defined restrictions
  • Possibility of the user’s operative interventions in the optimized routes
  • Cost analysis: total costs, fixed costs, variable costs, personnel costs, depot-, carrier-, customer-related costs, etc.
  • Clear outputs: route plan, comparative analyses - plan vs. actual state, evaluation of efficiency of vehicle capacity utilization (owned vs. outsourced transport), summary of vehicle load utilization, attendance productivity overview 

Integration of the Plantour system into the information system environment

THB plantour_1

Deployment of the system in the segment distribution:

  • Food
  • Beverages
  • Fruits, vegetables
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Printed materials
  • Parcels
  • Dry goods
  • Valuables
  • Furniture
  • Waste transport
  • Service and logistics 

Selected references for the PLANTOUR system 

Plzeňský Prazdroj, NOWACO, Accom, Agropol Group, Hellmann PKZ, Masný průmysl Krásno, Masokombinát Procházka, Freshfruit logistic, Transmed, První novinová společnost, Rossmann, TNT InNight, Fega Frost, Mecom Humenné, Milo, Intermarche, Fastrack, Mediaprint, Heineken Group breweries (e.g. Brau Union), Interbrew Group breweries (e.g. Gilde), Paulaner, Underberg, Karlsberg, Vivil, Procter & Gamble, Scandinavien Tobacco, Austrian Post, DHL, Bayer, Baxter, Transmed, MARTEK MEDICAL


Selected Minerva references: Kofola, Madeta Group, Alimpex, Polar Transport,  United Bakeries, Zeelandia (Czech Republic and Slovakia), Holandia, St. Nicolaus