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QAD Warehousing

The use of QAD Warehousing helps you to better organize your warehouse, reduce costs for warehouse operations, increase your performance, and optimize the management of your warehouse sites.

The QAD Warehousing will help you with all facets of warehouse management, including inventory management, workforce management, restocking warehouses, loading methods, picking, and many others.

The application was specially developed to fulfil the needs of companies active in a manufacturing or distribution environment, where strong and flexible inventory control software is an important component of enterprise processes.
QAD Warehousing is therefore intended for use wherever highly efficient warehouse operations are required, i.e. in warehouses with frequent movements of goods, a large number of stored items, in storing goods that belong to multiple business subjects (commission warehousing), and other similar circumstances.

The application offers a number of functions for inventory management that will enable you to receive, load, store, search, and ship inventory using “warehouses” tied to QAD EA. The application provides a set of programs with parameters that permit you to set the way your inventory management works. The application provides a number of functions of management, queries, and summaries (output print reports) that will help you operate the system effectively every day.

Main application features

  1. The application is based on relational databases.
  2. The application provides detailed information for comprehensive company management (areas of finance, production, sales, etc.).
  3. System functions can be set according to current needs and conditions with the user.
  4. Intelligence - the system automatically solves tasks that are frequently repeated.

Benefits for your company

  • Significantly increases operational efficiency.
  • Optimization and savings on warehouse space.
  • Possibility of using all advantages of barcode technology in organizing the warehouse.
  • Minimization of human error: the “Labour Management” function enables the system to be controlled directly by warehouse workers using a portable computer, which minimizes human error.
  • Operations can be fully managed electronically (portable terminals), by means of print reports, or through a combination of both methods.

Management of assignments and the workforce

Improves the efficiency of warehouse operations by assigning priority during the definition of tasks, so that the order in which these tasks are assigned and completed is followed. Optional tools exist for incrementing tasks with a low priority in time, so that tasks with the lowest priority end up reaching the front of the line in a full warehouse.

Maximum adaptability

During the initial setup of the application you can define as many various internal transits as you need for the movement of your inventory. Nevertheless, the application’s inherent adaptability allows you to change these definitions or to add definitions of new internal transits whenever such a need arises.

Improved receiving

The receiving of stocks in the application warehouse is required any time QAD EA generates a transaction that results in the need for loading inventory at a warehouse site. When a warehouse stock-in transaction is created, the application searches for the internal transit assigned to this type of transaction or a concrete combination of this type of transaction, item and address of supplier.

Stock loading logic

QAD Warehousing provides more than 60 algorithms for loading stock. These utilize different criteria when searching for the best warehouse space for loading the stock. There are also 9 various algorithms for locating and choosing warehouse space.

Stock transfers

Provides tools to enable the movement of stocks inside the warehouse or between warehouses. The transfer can concern a single item, multiple items, or warehouse inventory determined by reference (pallet number). When you create a transaction for a transfer using the application, warehouse inventories are transferred by the internal transit you have defined.

Adjustable inventory refilling

Allows you to define the primary assembly areas for picking. The function that picks inventory first looks in these areas and then searches the rest of the warehouse. It uses a function of inventory refilling in order to maintain optimal inventory levels at warehouse sites designated for picking. Refilling can be automatic or upon request.

Improved and bulk picking

When you need to pick inventory in order to fill an order, the application provides an extensive sphere of over 30 algorithms that pick and fulfil your picking needs. You can define picking qualities so that each picking is precisely controlled. On the basis of specific parameters that can be defined according to needs, picking is performed either on the level of warehouse location groups or for each specific unit (such as pallets or cartons).

Inventory transloading

In situations when insufficient inventory prevents orders from being completely filled, the application tracks the routes of missing amounts, item by item. To help you fill incomplete orders with minimal shifting of warehouse stocks, QAD Warehousing provides algorithms for resolving shortages of warehouse inventory. When you connect these algorithms to a warehouse receiving transaction, the application automatically controls whether the received goods can be used to fill incomplete orders.