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QAD Enterprise Applications

QAD Enterprise Applications are intended for the management of companies in the following industries: electronics, industrial equipment,the automotive industry, food and beverage, consumer products, and life sciences. They include the planning and management of production, sales, purchasing, warehouse management, financial management, and services management.

The solutions were designed using ERP II production standards compiled by The Standard System institution (published by Oliver Wight Publishers and Gray Research) and APICS (American Production and Inventory Control Society). From this set of functions you can choose those necessary for your enterprise. Initiatives for functional enhancements come from advisors, system integrators, and especially customers. Over 50% of QAD functional enhancements are the result of annual evaluations of customer needs.

QAD focuses not only on the management of material and information flow within the company, but also on the bonds between the various subjects of a large enterprise and on the management of the supply chain.

QAD Rapid for small and medium business

QAD Rapid is intended for the SMB sector and, just like QAD Enterprise Applications, is focused on the automotive industry, electronics and industrial products, food and beverage, consumer products and life sciences. The system is intended for companies with up to 100 employees, with a starting number of licenses and with the possibility of gradual upgrades in connection with the growth of the company and actual needs. This also includes a fixed number of days of consultation and possible program modifications. In this way the period of implementation is reduced from an average of six months for QAD EA to just a single month. The short period of QAD EA implementation has been confirmed several times in studies by leading analytical firms. The system likewise contains all modules (manufacturing, financials, and distribution) with predefined business processes that Minerva´s  consultants have developed on the basis of long-term experience with implementation in manufacturing businesses. This method guarantees the full functionality of the QAD EA enterprise resource planning system, which Minerva has implemented for more than 100 customers, in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, but alsofor example in Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Hungary and Lithuania.

Global support

QAD Enterprise Applications are used by twenty of the one hundred largest industrial companies in the world. As the supplier-customer chain often extends beyond the borders of individual countries, QAD Applications were designed to support multiple currencies, languages (26 languages available), and local business and legislative conditions. Well-established companies equipped with their own sales and support centres in selected countries provide global support to users. In the Czech Republic and Slovakia sales, installation, training, implementation support, and long-term maintenance is provided by Minerva.