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In competitive and volatile markets, maintaining strong customer relations is tantamount to continued success. Challenged to both sustain and expand the customer base, businesses need industry strength tools to acquire service and support their most important asset.

Increasing profits by improving customer acquisition and retention, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) provides a 360-degree view of your customer, integrating customer information at every touch point. A sound CRM strategy enables your business to be efficient, productive and responsive to the demands of your customers

The Value of Customer Relationship Management

  • Lower costs while attracting and retaining customers
  • Generate greater customer loyalty
  • Increase cross-sell and up-sell successes
  • Improve sales forecasting
  • Improve customer responsiveness with access to relevant and timely data

Key Features of Customer Relationship Management

  • Customer console – Complete access to customer information - quotes, orders invoices, Accounts Receivable, Sales History Installed Products and Service calls in a single screen
  • Sales dashboard - Four predefined sales key performance indicators (KPIs) offer the salesperson a graphical view of their sales performance, sales funnel and past-due sales activities
  • Maintain prospect and customer profiles - maintain list of contacts (decision makers, influencers), business characteristics, locations, financial information, past sales history, existing opportunities, installed base equipment owned by the company
  • Manage opportunities – Develop leads, build pipelines
  • Manage sales activities - Manage activities related to the sales cycle
    • Meetings, phone calls, e-mail messages, product demonstrations and more
    • Manage both profile related activities and non profile activities such as internal sales meetings
    • Create alerts for follow up tasks, calls and meetings
    • All activities are kept in history for possible referral at a later date
    • View in standard Calendar format either daily weekly or monthly
    • Synchronize activities with Microsoft Outlook® calendars for PDA visibility
  • Campaign management - monitor campaign costs, stages and activities, develop target audience, media options
  • Analyze campaign performance - view history of activities associated with campaigns that have been completed
  • Manage business opportunities - filter records and generate various reports

The CRM Activities view shows you a summary of all activities and to-do lists, as well as a customizable menu bar.


Customer Issue Management

  • Log customer issues
  • Assign issues to customer service staff for follow up along with activities to advance the issue
  • Associate issues with a profile, a service contract and/or an item of installed base equipment
  • Integrates with activity management to offer calendar views and escalation capabilities
  • Full audit trail of issues through the customer lifecycle

Mobile Sales

  • Salespeople who work remotely can synchronize data from the central company database:
  • Synchronize data via definable rules using VPN connection

Data Entry Wizards

  • Access to wizard-based data entry for quick and consistent data entry
  • Promotes standardization of information entered
  • Guides new users so that they are able to enter required data

Sales Follow-up

  • Set up automatic alerts to remind a salesperson to follow up on an inquiry
  • Calls can also be created so a customer service representative (CSR) can follow up with a customer to make sure information was received by the customer

Prospect List Import

  • Import leads from purchased lists or contacts gathered from a trade show, and immediately begin qualifying them
  • Supports multiple pre-defined import filters

Campaign Management

  • Easily create a budget for each campaign and manage the costs of every activity associated with a campaign
  • Track all leads generated from a particular campaign and determine campaign effectiveness relative to cost

Standard Literature Mailing

  • Manage all communication with prospects and customers, and track which information has been sent
  • Contact history is automatically updated with the appropriate information
  • Tasks can be automatically created for follow up with contacts after literature has been sent

Script Management

  • Create, customize and manage telesales scripts that can be used by inside sales representatives or customer service representatives
  • Leverage scripts to capture relevant information for building a library of responses to be used for future campaigns or new product development

CRM enables script creation and input for effective lead qualification and marketing campaigns