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Minerva and Universities

Minerva teaches at the University of Economics in the Faculty of Finance and Accounting.

Minerva began its successful cooperation with the University of Economics in Prague in the 1998/1999 academic years when it started an optional course for Computer-Integrated Business Management in the Department of Managerial Accounting. The course is designed in accordance with the requirements of the International Educational Standards for professional accountants and is connected with knowledge from cost and managerial accounting. The course outlines the basic aspects of processing IS/ICT information strategies in the context of company strategy. The course covers application tools for company management using progressive software products designed on the basis of ERP II business management tools, including supply chain management (SCM), customer relationship management (CRM), e-commerce and c-commerce – in connection with the creation of a database for computer support of managerial decision-making processes with Business Intelligence SW products.

The SW product QAD Enterprise Applications is used in exercises. Minerva CR provides the license and training in the exercises. Therefore, during the course of the semester students have access to a fully functional complete QAD EA system to operate the standard processes of an industrial enterprise. In the exercises students are familiarized with the specific application in the form of an excursion to an actual business. In their presentations of final work at the end of the semester student teams simulate realistic processes of a fictitious firm directly on live data in the QAD EA system. Minerva also cooperates in the preparation of study materials such as university textbooks.
Minerva values this work with leading experts – Czech accounting standard bearers and top individuals in Czech controlling. The company is also proud of being able to provide detailed information from the work and experience of specific firms that become part of the engineering study.
Professor Ing. Bohumil Král, CSc., head of the Department of Managerial Accounting at the University of Economics in Prague, also appreciated the mutual cooperation:“I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation of the work Minerva CR does for the education and training of students at the University of Economics in Prague in offering the Computer-Integrated Business Management course. The cooperation of our department with Minerva is a great asset for students and department workers alike.”
Minerva also supports the university in additional activities. Since 2006 we have cooperated on a lifelong learning course entitled Using Accounting Information in Business Management. The course is intended for workers in middle and top business management positions that use accounting information as primary users, are responsible for the management of businesses and their structures, and for the creation of managerial control systems.
Course participants expand their knowledge in the field of value business management. Thanks to the knowledge they acquire these students increase the level and quality of communication between workers responsible for the functionality and quality of accounting and related information, and other managers.
Minerva Czech Republic supports the course as a partner.


Minerva lectures at the Technical University in Zvolen

Minerva has also expanded its cooperation with universities in Slovakia. Minerva Slovakia is headquartered in Zvolen and in 2006 the company introduced its program from the University of Economics in the Czech Republic to the local Technical University (TU). Representatives of the Technical University were so impressed with the program that they began to gradually create a specific form of cooperation between Minerva Slovakia and TU. This cooperation was commenced for the 2007/2008 academic year. In the Department of Enterprise Management (Faculty of Wood Sciences and Technology) Minerva cooperates on lectures and exercises for the subject of Business Informatics and Information System Design. The instruction is intended for 5th year students in Wood Industry Engineering with a concentration on Enterprise Management (Enterprise Informatics subject) and 5th year students in Production Management (IS Design subject).
During exercises students become familiarized with the specific application and try out work with a real business information system. Instruction takes place in a classroom equipped with new computers with QAD Enterprise Applications. Minerva Slovakia provided the server and license for the software product.
Minerva greatly values the cooperation with leading academic experts and appreciates the extraordinary efforts by Ing. Vojtech Demoč, CSc., expert in the field of enterprise informatics, and Ing. Rastislav Rajnoha, PhD, head of the department. The Technical University also values the possibility to provide students information and experience from work that becomes a component of the full-valued engineering study.