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While many investment projects in the area of information technology fail and do not meet the planned success criteria, Minerva implementation service has the goal of not only fulfilling the planned and expected benefits, but also exceeding business expectations. An obvious aim is to implement the project on time and on budget. Thanks to the use of the right people with the proper experience and thanks to proven methodology and infrastructure, Minerva is always able to ensure successful implementations. Our list of references is proof of this success.

Consulting during the implementation of a highly functional integrated system can be a crucial factor for success. This is a true challenge for the entire organization as well as an ideal opportunity for verifying existing work procedures, production and distribution processes, people, organizational structures, supplier-customer relationships, and other related matters. Minerva’s team of qualified experts has acquired its experience during more than one hundred local installations. This experience enables the team to effectively employ its strengths and maximize the potential of each customer, with the goal of optimizing profits.

Project management. Minerva provides a comprehensive program of services and support before and after implementation. Minerva works with the customer and plans the sequence of work to ensure that the anticipated, agreed-upon benefits are completely achieved. First, a project plan is compiled. This plan is adapted to the needs of the specific customer using our proven implementation methodology. Our project managers direct the entire project with constant regard for the goals of the project, respecting all the while the schedule and budget of the project. We evaluate each completed project to help us learn from both the positive and negatives aspects. This guarantees a continually growing quality of implementation. Our experience and success in implementation is also documented by the fact that Minerva has been implementing the QAD EA system in our businesses since 1993. Minerva offers substantial specialist potential in the planning and coordination of implementation at more factories and implementations abroad. We are able to judge whether in a given situation implementation in phases or implementation of the entire system at one time is more appropriate. After the system is put into full operation our support department regularly monitors the system. The goal is to maintain the optimum performance of the enterprise information system in an ever-changing business environment.

Training is a key aspect of implementation services. This is also an area that produces the highest return on investment. The proper training of project team members at the proper time increases the likelihood of implementing the project on time and on budget. The first step is training in MRP II philosophy; this provides a common platform on which the project team can build the implementation. The team will be trained in the basic, optional, and even advanced functions of the QAD EA application. Specialized courses are organized based on particular needs. All courses can be taught at our special-purpose training centre or directly on the customer's premises. Internet courses are also available to Minerva clients. These are focused on QAD EA functions, as well as the latest global trends in business management. The e-training tool allows you to establish a plan for the regular training of company employees, including the subsequent testing of acquired skills.