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Human Resource Management

The Human Resource Management system enables the creation of a unified, up-to-date database of information that can be made available at all levels of company management, with access to information based on an individual’s level of authority. The system provides effective support for the work of human resource managers and other managers. It enables information to be kept in compliance with valid legislation and facilitates the recording and processing of information required for the optimal use of an organization’s workforce. The system provides an effective tool in obtaining, retrieving, and presenting important personnel data. The use of the system in managing personnel activities also leads to the reduction of costs for human resources work.

What are the benefits for your company?

  • Support of maintaining records in compliance with legislation;
  • Elimination of duplicity and non-uniform records;
  • Availability of personnel information and activities in the company;
  • Increased efficiency of personnel work at all levels;
  • Increased importance of the human resources department, as well as the awareness of its usefulness;
  • Protection of investment.