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Document management system

The Document Management System module (Minerva DMS) is used for recording, archiving and sharing documents and allows you to effectively work with documents directly in the environment of the QAD EA enterprise information system. As the Minerva DMS module is fully integrated into the ERP application by QAD Inc., new document registration is faster; accessibility and retrieval of documents is intuitive.

Benefits and functionality of the DMS module by Minerva:

  • Document Automation
    Supported by automation
    Minerva DMS reduces the need for manual inputs for document recording and the creation of new documents, and reduces the risk of human error.
  • Intelligent Document Support
    From Intelligent Documents you can link to other system functions. As the module is fully integrated into the QAD EA application, you can "call" the ERP application transactions or launch effective overviews directly from the documents.
  • Workflow
    If you use the Minerva Workflow module you can generate the work procedures for documents automatically.
  • Versioning
    Easy traceability of the document latest version
    , supported storage of various document versions.
  • Searching
    Quick search
    using metadata, or based on objects – data structures in the QAD. Objects include: Contract, Work Order, Incoming Invoice, etc.
  • Publishing
    The module supports saving and publishing in different formats directly in the ERP application QAD  
  • Integration
    The integration of stored
    documents with further applications, such as company portals, systems supporting secured archiving, is easy thanks to superstructure full-text search systems. All documents are stored in the form of files based on the preset hierarchy.

Client part

Ensures creation of metadata (structured information for the description of documents). Metadata are designed by the Minerva DMS module, with the user enabled to refine them.

It allows for quick searches of the desired document, either naturally by the object, where you can view the available documents linked to the particular object, or by the metadata using the quick search function.

The client part immediately presents the selected document and saves the documents to the designated location in the server part. It takes care of document security. Supported by the Workflow module, it provides for automatic distribution of the selected documents.

The client part also allows the applications of various types (plugins) to present and create documents.

Security Features

Documents are protected on three levels. The first level is protected access to the documents stored the server via the particular operating system. The second level manages user access to the particular security layer both in terms of document acquisition and document visualization. The last security feature is implemented on both the server and the client side, so that the very file/document is secured by the application in which it has been created.

Automatic document distribution

Automatic document distribution is provided by the Minerva Workflow module. It can be used for managing the document life cycle, “committing”, discarding, automatic distribution of documents and report suites.

The integrated message system - inbox QAD workflow - may also be used for easy distribution of documents.