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Certificate of The Register of Solvent Companies

Minerva Česká republika has gained the certificate, which has been issued by the certification body conducting certification and inspection of the fulfillment of the conditions of the Register of solvent companies CREDITINFO CZECH REPUBLIC. Minerva Česká republika has no liabilities more than 45 days beyond their date of due payment. Minerva Česká republika has no registered debts. See the Certificate .   



Certified International ratings AA, A

Minerva Czech Republic gained the award in the rating AA. Awards are granted only to those companies that meet the strict economic criteria and conditions for certification. The criteria guaranteed exclusivity of those companies that can obtain a certificate to confirm it and its position in the market. The certificate with the evaluation of A to AA reaches only 0.6% of companies in the Czech Republic, a prestigious AA rating may be obtained only 0.3% of the highest quality companies.

See the certificate.