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RF Express™for QAD Enterprise Applications

RF Express™ for QAD Enterprise Applications addresses the many business problems involved with data collection such as laborious manual systems, excessive paper forms, inaccurate and incorrect data collection and delayed data posting. All of these burden businesses with excessive safety stock, high inventory, additional staff costs, MRP inaccuracy and ultimately lower customer satisfaction.

RF Express allows 100% portable and 100% on-line, wireless hand-held terminals with laser scanners and portable label printing to be integrated into QAD Enterprise Applications.

Data is collected quickly and accurately at the point of use. It is ideal for all types of manufacturing environments where companies want to collect labour, material or traceability information to enable them to run their business more effectively. It can be added to your existing QAD Enterprise Applications system like any QAD module.

“We could not run our factory without RF Express™ for QAD Enterprise Applications”

Manufacturing - Gaining Maximum Benefit:

  • Record material and labour at point of use
  • Record receipts and accurately label the finished goods real time
  • Manage lot/serial controlled items simply and accurately
  • Get an accurate picture of inventory and work in progress at all stages of the manufacturing process
  • Support for repetitive, lean and standard work orders
  • Automatically record the loading of finished goods in to pallets or containers for simple shipping
  • Customer specific labels become straightforward
  • Integrate the use of Kanban cards in QAD Enterprise Applications
  • Cycle Count and Full Stock Take real-time
  • Reduce/eliminate data entry errors which would otherwise be magnified throughout the manufacturing process

Shipping—A Straightforward Solution:

  • Locate goods real-time on handheld scanners
  • Move containers and pallets in only two scans
  • Scan pallets or containers onto shippers in two scans—even containers of mixed goods
  • Accurately track finished goods out the door
  • Enable full traceability
  • Verify shipments at the dock
  • Integrate with pegged schedules
  • Create or build shippers and containers by scanning the goods to ensure validated shipments
  • Record picking against sales orders real time to ensure an accurate picture of finished goods
  • Produce customer specific container labels
  • Speed up the invoicing process
  • Control multi-level containerisation

Goods-In—Efficient Raw Materials Recording:

  • Scan suppliers barcodes (including EAN-128) at point of receipt
  • Stock immediately visible in QAD Enterprise Applications - no delay for it to be entered at a terminal
  • Produce labels for goods as part of the receipt process if required
  • Use labelling to help manage inspection
  • Improve raw material accuracy - reduce manufacturing shortages and safety stock
  • Quick, simple and easy to use cycle count and transfers by warehouse personnel
  • Reduce/eliminate data entry errors which would otherwise be magnified throughout the manufacturing process

“The implementation came in on time and within the projected costs. This was largely due to Eagle’s process design expertise and knowledge of our business requirements.”
Tower Automotive

Technical Advantage:

THB rf-expres

  • Written in Progress, the native language for QAD Enterprise Applications providing the fastest response time
  • Fully configurable without re-programming
  • 100% Data Validation and Put-away through QAD Enterprise Applications sub-routines
  • No Third-Party ODBC Interfaces or CIM load
  • No additional IT skills required
  • A variety of hardware supported including RF terminals, shop floor workstations, barcode label printers, fixed barcode readers, digital scales and RF ID tags
  • Integrated security and Menu
  • Compatible with QAD Enterprise Applications 7.3K onwards
  • Supports Unix, Linux and Windows servers
  • Multi-Language Support


A Tried and Tested Solution

  • QAD alliance product since 1993
  • Available worldwide
  • Serving over 1000 customers in over 28 countries over 6 continents
  • Global support
  • Single source for all software, hardware and consultancy
  • Proven implementation methodology